Image of someone looking into the futue
Image of someone looking into the futue
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I’m delighted to share that I’m joining Facebook as a product designer. Five years ago, when I made the transition to product design, my inclination to become a world-class product designer made me look out for where design was leveraged to make a global impact. I admired designers who worked at Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix and some of the top tech companies on the planet. I was always saying to my colleagues, I want to experience what it means to make an impact on a global scale, I want to work with the…

Article illustration depicting the business impact of design
Article illustration depicting the business impact of design
Illustration designed by the author. Inspired by Euro notes

My goal for writing this article is to amplify the business value that design can have beyond product and UX. It’s an attempt to broaden perspectives on the role of design in business, and what people think about when they hear or say “Design”, especially in the context of startups/businesses. I hope that after you read this article, you’ll be more informed on how to leverage design beyond product and UX.

Design; a word that is now the new cool with companies of all shades and sizes investing it. Even companies with no previous design culture are beginning to appreciate…

What makes a great portfolio?

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An illustration showing a UX Portfolio wireframe image with logos of Amazon and Google on it.
An illustration showing a UX Portfolio wireframe image with logos of Amazon and Google on it.

Is there an ultimate formula for what makes a great UX portfolio? I’m not sure. But I believe that UX portfolios differ based on the target audience and projects. Hence, I’ll share my perspective on the primary stuff that makes a great UX portfolio based on my experience, conversations with some senior designer friends who interview designers for the UX Design role, research, and the portfolio that got me my dream job. So, let’s dive straight in.

If you’ve not read the part one of this series, here you go: How to…

Especially in this time of crisis

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With a crisis like Covid-19 — people dying, jobs being lost, a diminishing economy, and a high level of uncertainty; anxiety and fear are bound to take their place, leaving us in a bad state. One can agree that our phones are the go-to place when we have negative emotions, but the irony is that our phones might worsen the situation — impacting our productivity and stealing our time. Working from home, I found a trick that helps me stay away from my phone to focus on the important stuff.

In these times…

A while ago, I put up a question on my Twitter and Instagram timelines. The question was: “Are you struggling to put up a portfolio for your dream job? Let’s chat.” Within 24 hours, my DMs were full of messages from various Designers indicating their struggle to put up a portfolio. Why did I ask in the first place?

6 months ago, I got an offer from a Fortune 500 company, for me, and I guess for some people, this was the dream job — working for a data-driven organization that solves travel problems for millions of people all over…

6 most important lessons I’ve learned, and what’s next.

All through 2018, I was somewhat off the grid. That was never my intention at the beginning of last year. I had goals about my career, about learning and exploring new and dreaded territories and a lot of cool stuff. Something happened. I mean, something happened within me. I came to a certain consciousness; one that came from a question we rarely ask ourselves, and that question is — What do I really want at this stage of my life?

My struggle to stay motivated led me on a path in pursuit of clarity regarding my purpose. The good thing…

We’ve never seen a year in which Design grew so much more in relevance than in 2017. It has been the year Design finally found its voice in boardrooms. The year the role of Designers intersected with that of the leaders.

We saw a rise in demand for Design, an outpouring of Design knowledge, and a myriad of tools, apps, and frameworks that got us all distracted. Pun intended.

There’s never been a fascinating year for me as a Designer than in 2017. Here are 10 apps and tools that kept me productive, informed, creative and impactful in 2017.

1. Dropbox Paper


It’s been over 6 months since I joined Helium (previously OneMedical). I’ve learned a lot within these times, giving my quota as a Designer in an early-stage startup making great strides in healthcare. During this same period, I have tried to keep up with the startup/tech ecosystem, constantly observing and learning, and this is why I’m sharing.

Before working for startups, I always thought the work of a Designer in a product-focused startup is solely to design the product — the UI and UX as most people would call it. You probably think or thought the same right? ✋


On coding my new Website.

Disclaimer: Images used in this post are snippets from the must watch American fantasy drama television series “Game of Thrones”. My obsession with the show has led to me finding a way to make it a theme for this post. If you are a GOT fan, you will love this one. Enjoy the read!

Today, I’m excited to let you know that my new website and of course, projects had unbelievable reviews and overwhelming feedback. Thanks to everyone.

This is for anyone who has a similar dream. The deep longing to build something for the web. To code it all…

A Case for Design in African Start-ups

Disclaimer: I don’t work at, and the views on this case study are strictly mine. I’m not suggesting that change their current design to mine. What makes me do what I love to do is simply for the fact that I can Identify problems, understand them and suggest ways to solve them. So, here’s one.😀


Over the years, digital products spearheaded by African start-ups have been pulled to the background by the e-commerce giants, and as the economy wobbles, digital products are jumping out into center stage. With the likes of Paystack,, …

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